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horse getting PEMF treatment

Enhance Performance and Wellbeing

Who Are We?

SK Magna Wave is operated by Samantha Klink, a certified Magna Wave PEMF Practitioner for humans, horses and small animals.


Magna Wave PEMF works by sending pulsed electro-magnetic waves. These waves work on the cells of the body by returning them to their normal charge and opening the cell membrane. This allows for nutrients to be able to pass through to the cell and toxins are able to be released. It can be thought of as a massage for your cell membranes. This process makes it easier for your body to heal itself and relieve soreness and stiffness. In addition to opening the cell membrane it also improves circulation, oxygenates the blood and detoxes the cells. It will help the body improve its own natural healing response.

Contact us to find out how SK Magna Wave can help you and your animals improve performance and relieve muscular tension.

Dakota loves his Magna Wave sessions and Sam does a great job explaining everything along the way! It has definitely helped my old man find comfort when he's having a senior moment!

Sam treating horse

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SK Magna Wave services:

• North and Central New Jersey
• The Catskill region of New York
• Lower Hudson Valley
• Long Island 

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